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Walk Beside Me, Christine Handy’s story on real life experiences that changed her life forever will be adapted to be a feature film, directed by Ziad Hamzeh - titled “Willow”. Walk beside Willow Adair, played by award-winning actress Sheena Colette, as she fights her way out of the darkest of times and changes her perspective on life, self-love, the value of friendship, her relationship with her faith, and much more. The film aims to create a further dialogue on the devastating disease that affects one in eight women in the US alone.
“A rose standing in the center of the violent storm, tossed in so many directions with no shelter. A clearly focused journey that sparks with fresh and honest look at the struggles that face our character in her darkest moments.” (Source: IMDb Mini Biography By: Samuel French)
“Ultimately, the story can be summed up by this statement: It is not how hard and how many times you get knocked down but the grace with which you keep getting up.” - Ziad Hamzeh, Director
A Film By: Ziad Hamzeh