Walk Beside Me: A Novel

By Christine Handy
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Walk Beside Me follows Willow Adair, a beautiful model with a successful career built around her outer appearance and a perfectly composed persona secretly hiding her inner insecurities. All goes awry when a routine operation takes a nearly fatal misstep, and additional health issues leave her dwindling physically and emotionally. An unexpected breast cancer diagnosis deepens her depression and lack of hope until her friends, aka her Angels carry her spiritually and emotionally to full recovery. Walk Beside Me is a story of hope, faith, friendship, hardship, and taking a closer look at what truly matters in life.
Reader Review
“This book is a must read for anyone that needs hope, comfort and inspiration. I am sharing this book with all my friends and sisters. Walk beside me, brought lots of smiles and tears plus such warmth” -Elaine, GoodReads
“You can let your battle scars paralyze you, or you can grow even stronger from them.” (Walk Beside Me)
Written By:
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