Helping women undergoing cancer treatment.
EBeauty’s mission is to support women diagnosed with breast cancer and enhance the education of the disease. Through their wig exchange program alone, 55,000 women and families have been touched by the charitable efforts by volunteers like Christine.
Everyone deserves a second chance
Christine is the president of the board of People of Purpose - a non-profit organization based in Palm Beach County. Their mission is to support equality and reduce the rate of recidivism.
The breast cancer community coming together to support each other
Learn Look Locate was founded with a mission to educate women on early detection of breast cancer with spokesmodel and ambassador Christine Handy. Learn Look Locate brings women together through education, inspirational stories, a supportive community, and women empowerment.
Philanthropic Involvement

Christine overcame the worst of circumstances and through her experiences, she’s been inspired to give back to others. Understanding the value of using her voice and offering support to those who need it most, Christine’s charitable service has made her a nationally recognized humanitarian. Christine currently serves on the board of two non-profit organizations that work towards supporting women suffering from breast cancer as well as closing the gap on equality for all.

Women Affected By Breast Cancer (US)
5-Year Breast Cancer Survival Rate for Stage 2 Diagnosis (Avg.)
Rate of Recidivism In US Within 5 Years

There’s no other instrument like you, nowhere in the world. That’s what makes you unique.

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